God’s great feast part 2


George went home with the king that day. It all felt like a dream. One day, George went about his life in the slums, and the next he was living in a castle. The bed was much softer than the ground he used to sleep on, and his new clothes made the old look shabby indeed!

The following day George took a trip to see his friends. He played all day with them, and dug through the dumpsters for food, just like before. After the sun set, George wearily set out for the castle.

When he arrived home, his father asked where he had gone. After George explained, the king said, “You didn’t have to eat trash! I have given you so much better, tastier things. Come with me, I will show you.”

The king led George to a massive dining hall. In the center of the room was a huge cedar table piled up with food of all sorts. From meats, to vegetables, fruits, pastries, pies, and drinks, there seemed to be no end to the variety that the king offered. No matter how exotic a person’s taste was, they would be satisfied at the king’s table.

George asked, “But if I had brought food, wouldn’t my friends have been jealous?” The king was glad that George had not wanted to be inconsiderate, and he explained, “Next time take food for yourself, and your friends. There is enough for everyone, and plenty of variety too. You don’t have to give up your friends, but please, don’t eat junk!”

The next day George set out to play with his friends. Only, this time he lugged a large bag full of treats from the castle. They had an awesome time, and when their stomachs screamed so loud that they could no longer play, George opened the bag and shared with all his friends.

Have you guessed it? Do you know how George and many christian kids are similar? No it’s not that they like to eat junk food.

George didn’t realize what his father had to offer, and how much better it was. Just like many christian kids don’t realize that the music that God has to offer is much better for them than the junk that the world offers.

And even though people’s tastes for music can be as different as the east is from the west, God made it all. So even if you have a very exotic musical taste, God has something far better to offer than the world.

Remember that the world can only copy or twist what God has made. They cannot come up with anything on their own.


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