God’s great feast part 1


I don’t listen to secular music. It’s not because it doesn’t have a good beat, no way! But the lyrics are often in outright opposition of what God has to say. It discourages me that many christian kids still listen to secular music. Don’t get me wrong! I am not saying that if you listen to secular music, that you are going to hell. What I am saying, is God has something a whole lot better that He wants to give you.

Sometimes I wonder why christian kids want to listen to secular music. I suppose it is because they think it is the only music that fits their taste, or maybe because all their friends do, so they do too. You can’t blame them.

Well, I am going to tell you the story of George. He is like a lot of christian children. Maybe you can find out why before the end of the story. But if you can’t, it’s ok, because I’ll tell you.

Imagine a young boy. His hair is wild, clothes are stained, patchy, and barely fit. The food, which merely appeases, but does not satisfy his hunger is dug out of dumpsters. He does have some friends who call him “George”.  All of them have ended up on the streets for one reason or another. His days are rather uneventful, and since he has never had a better life, and never had a taste of what a home is like, he doesn’t mind much.

But his world turns upside down when one day the king comes to town. The streets were swept, businesses flew the king’s standard, and every window in the town was thrown open wide. George hadn’t heard much about the king, and didn’t know what all the fuss was about. So it was quite a surprise when he found out that the king was coming to adopt him!

Part 2 coming soon!

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