Mission Walmart


It was a hot day in Tupelo. In the Anchor church a boy of 12 years was going to a seat with a team, which was assembling in a very small, very full sanctuary.

The team consisted of 4 people. Member #1  was the team leader, member # 2 was the scribe, and the other 2 members were… well members. Besides the boy, there was a boy of 24 years, man of 40 years or so, and a lady in her early 20’s.

They got to the car and prayed. The 24 year old, and the lady each received a vision. The 24 year old boy, also known as RJ, saw blue, and the lady saw orange. The boy, also known as Kirk, said “Orange and blue? Isn’t that the Walmart sign colors?” The leader said “I believe you are right.” They went to Walmart, and they drove around the parking lot. When RJ said “That is the shade I saw!”, they parked next to a blue vehicle.  They sat in the comfortably air conditioned, yet still a tad bit warm vehicle, for about 5 minutes.

When they were about to leave, the lady said, “WAIT, WAIT! THAT LADY’S SHIRT IS THE COLOR I SAW!” So they prayed for her. She had 3 girls, and her husband was in jail. She was a Christian,  but the team encouraged her. That is the story of mission Walmart.


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