Kids, this is your country too


As kids, it’s easy to feel like we have no influence on our country’s government. After all, we can’t vote, we don’t understand how our government works. Besides, no one expects us to understand anyway; we’re just kids.

All that most American kids know about being American is that they live there! But did you know that you influence what happens in this country?  Did you know you are a citizen, and America is your country too?

We are America’s future

This might sound like a radical idea, but adults were once kids. I know, it’s mind blowing! But seriously, kids do influence what happens here. Kids don’t stay kids. Kids grow up, and they greatly influence our nation for good, or bad.

We make decisions every day that affect our nation. Whether we lie about eating all our vegetables or not, shapes our character and the kind of adult we will be one day. Our beliefs steer where our nation will go. We are the future of America. Will we be righteous or wicked?

We are the future of America. It is our turn. Will we take our stand, be brave and give our loyalty to God and no other? Or will we, as those who have come before us be double minded, cowardly, and selfish? It’s our decision.

Our opinions matter

This is probably one of the best kept secrets about America. Kids have a voice in the election. You see, America is a Democratic-Republic. That means that our citizens vote, and we have a representative system of government.

What does that mean? Well, everyone votes, but it is not mob rule. This is where the representatives come into play. They listen to what the people they represent think, and they compare it with their conscience, and then they vote.

The awesome part about this is, the father is the representative of the family. You can research the candidates to find out what they believe and what kind of character they have. Then you can tell your father what you find. Once you tell him who you think would be the best leader, he prays about what to vote, and he votes accordingly.

So even as a kid, we have a huge impact on our nation’s future. With the decisions we make every day shaping our conscience, and on election day.

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