Bypass bitterness


I don’t like being sick. It’s no fun. The only good thing about it is that you get the whole box of crackers all to yourself. No one likes being sick, but what is worse is the medicine you have to take to get better! That stuff tastes terrible!

What is the yucky stuff supposed to do? Medicine is supposed to correct the sickness, supposed to make you better. It is a correction. And a lot of the time, correction isn’t fun.

Recently when I was sick I had to  take some yucky medicine to get better. I did not look forward to it. When I finally got it done I was already lying down. I was tired, so I just poured it down my throat without sitting up.

As I poured the medicine down my throat I was pleasantly surprised. There was barely any bad taste. I did not expect this. That I could bypass the bitterness while still taking the medicine was such a novel idea.

I learned a few things from this experience.

#1 If you are sick, and need to take some yucky medicine, laying flat on the ground and pouring it straight down your throat will alleviate most of the taste.

#2 The key to not tasting bitterness is position. When you are in a position of humility, correction loses most of its bitterness. When we are humble, correction does not hurt so bad, and it actually helps us get better.

So the next time you experience correction, either medicine or some other type, remember that if you have the right position, you can bypass the bitterness of correction.


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