Why you should read the Bible


Many Christians have not read the Bible from Genesis to Revelation. There are a few reasons. They don’t have time set apart, they don’t have accountability, or they don’t have motivation.

Maybe why many aren’t motivated to read the Bible is because they don’t have a good reason to. “Why should I read the Bible?” Here’s the answer.

The Bible is the Word of God. He’s been very kind to reveal Himself to us in the pages of the Bible. He didn’t have to, but He wanted a relationship with us. So He sent His Son to become the living Word. To breath the air we breath, to feel to pain with which we hurt, to connect with us, and to pay to price of our sins so that they would no longer separate us from Him.

As Christians, we have accepted what He has done to have a relationship with us, and we want to know Him as well as we possibly can. That’s why we read the Bible. To get to know Him better. And as we get to know Him, we want to be like Him. But we can’t do that if we don’t know what He’s like! That’s why we read His Word. To understand what He’s like, and to let Him make us more like Him.

“Project N8 is an opportunity to get to know God more. His character, His plan for mankind and our part in it all.” -Marc Crider

“You start to see the whole tapestry of God’s plan for humanity.” -Kirk Peetz

“The goal is not simply to read through the Word, but to pursue God through a faithful and consistent devotional timed with Jesus every day. Reading through the Bible is great, but after you do it then what? It is a great goal, but after it is accomplished there is a sense of “I’m finished.” But if your goal in life is to grow in your relationship with Jesus, and to know Him better, then that is a goal which only death or the coming of Jesus will truly satisfy.” -Pastor Mark Byrd

So that’s why you should read the whole Bible. God, the creator of the universe, far greater than the creator of Star Wars, or the most famous musician, wants to a relationship with you. He’s send you a letter, of course you’d want to read it!

Through Project N8, I want to help you get into the habit of reading the Bible every day so that you can continue to grow more like Christ long after Project N8 is done. Because when this life is over, it won’t matter that you did Project N8, what will matter is that your relationship with Him grew because of it.

“It was such a blessing to read/listen to the Bible in 6 months. It was a rushed pace and I wouldn’t recommend it to be done at that pace each time, but it was refreshing to have so much of God’s Word flowing through my mind during that 6 month span of time. I encourage you to prayerfully consider the challenge. If it’s something you feel God would have you do, then please be obedient to your King’s wishes. To please Him is a wonderful thing. He will no doubt bless your efforts.” -Rick Robertson

Even if you don’t do Project N8, I’ll have done my job if you pick up your Bible, dust it off, and read it. This life is too short to waste, please read God’s Word.

He’s right there waiting, will you run to Him? He is kind, His’ yolk is easy, and He’s the only one who can bring you true peace.

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