What is Project N8


Have you ever tried to read through the Bible from cover to cover? Did you get discouraged, and stop?

Unfortunately not many Christians today can say that they have succeeded in reading through their Bible. What if you could be part of a group of Christians reading through their Bibles at the same pace? What if you met together once a week to encourage each other, and help each other catch up when you get behind? You would have someone to share with when something clicks! You would not feel alone! You would have a far better chance of succeeding!

Guess what! That’s what Project N8 is. A group of people all reading, or listening through their Bibles in 6 months. Meeting together each week for encouragement, Bible study, and games. A group of soldiers learning together how to fight.

You may be thinking, “Six months! I don’t have time for that!” And you know what? Your right. You can’t commit to reading your Bible in six months unless you give up something that takes a lot of your time. Everything worthwhile costs something.

But even though you will have to give up something, you will be rewarded. Reading the story of God’s love is the most fulfilling thing in the world. After reading through all the pain and suffering, seeing the new Jerusalem will change you forever, if you allow Holy Spirit to change you. After reading through your Bible, you will find that your reading level has increased, along with your comprehension.  You will have a better over all timeline of people and events of the Bible. Once you have read your Bible through the first time, the second time through many more things will make sense.

Sample week:

Week 1: Genesis

Day 1: Genesis 1- 10                                           Day 2: Genesis 11- 20

Day 3: Genesis 21- 30                                    Day 4: Genesis 31– 40

Day 5: Genesis 41– 50

Will you join me? Let’s get familiar with our swords, so that we can make an impact on this war. If you are interested in joining the Project N8 team, which will officially start on January 1st, 2017, then leave a comment below. You can also take a registration form.


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