Trump Starts Conversation About Welfare Reform


President Donald Trump signed an executive order on April 10, calling for the strengthening of work requirements for welfare programs. It was signed in private, and went unnoticed at first. But it has now come to the general public’s attention and brought up a lot of controversy.

Much of the controversy surrounding Trump’s order is just basic misunderstanding. People are reacting to, and making grandiose claims about, Trump and his order as if changes have already been made. But really, all that Trump has done is start the much needed conversation about how to fix the welfare system.

Under the order, Cabinet secretaries have 90 days to review the welfare programs and recommend possible changes. Until then, no one can say for sure if this will be a change for the better or the worse.

The order focuses on making the current work requirements for welfare programs better and also looking into making new ones. Programs that are being considered are SNAP, TANF, housing assistance, and Medicaid. The order doesn’t affect Social Security or Medicare.

“Part of President Trump’s effort to create a booming American economy includes moving Americans from welfare to work and supporting and encouraging others to support common-sense reforms that restore American prosperity and help them reclaim their independence.” -Andrew Bremberg

The national welfare program was established in 1935 under President Franklin D. Roosevelt’s “New Deal” policy. He wanted to help people get back on their feet after the Great Depression had brought the country to it’s knees. Since then, the welfare programs have become overwhelmingly overloaded. The whole system is out of control and can’t afford to go on as it is.

Trump wants to fix that. He wants to get as many people as possible off of welfare and into good jobs where they can thrive. The idea is that if you can work, you should. Through his order, he is calling for major changes that hopefully will be for the better.

Changes that are made to the welfare system will have an impact on many people so it is not to be taken lightly. There are many factors to be considered and many pros and cons to be weighed when changing a system as large as welfare. There will likely be much debate about welfare reform in the next weeks and months. But it’s good that Trump has begun this much needed conversation.

Under Trump’s order, the Cabinet secretaries have 90 days to recommend possible changes. Until the 90 days are up in July, we won’t know for sure whether the reforms will be good, but many are hopeful that this could be just what the welfare system has needed so desperately.

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