Teen Boy Fights to Save Unborn Babies


Teenage pro-life activist, Jeremiah Thomas was diagnosed with Osteoblastic Osteosarcoma, a bone cancer resistant to radiation in March of 2018. The news came as quite a shock, and in the weeks following, left Jeremiah fighting for life.

Jeremiah’s condition quickly deteriorated. Two tumors grew on Jeremiah’s spine faster than treatment could counteract, leaving him paralyzed from the chest down. Another tumor grew to the size of a lemon on his chest practically over night, bringing excruciating pain and making it hard to breath.

Before the diagnosis, Jeremiah was an all state champion athlete. He also was active in speaking out against abortion along with his family. He was a natural fighter. While he can no longer play football, or minister outside of abortion clinics like he used to, he has not stopped fighting.

“One moment Jeremiah’s fight is against excruciating pain, then it’s the diagnosis, then it’s the metastasis, then it’s the 10% survival rate, then it’s the paralysis, then it’s the regrowth. But Jeremiah keeps fighting. When cancer knocks him down, he prays and gets back up.” -Dale Sochia, organizer of Jeremiah’s Go Fund Me Campaign

Jeremiah is determined to keep fighting for the lives of unborn babies, even from his hospital bed. When contacted by Make-A-Wish, Jeremiah didn’t ask to be able to meet a musician, or for a trip to Lego-land. He asked to talk to the Governor of Texas, Greg Abbott, about ending abortion.

“[T]hey talked about a legacy wish the kids could leave behind after they passed. And that really intrigued me. I would love for that to be what I’m remembered by.” -Jeremiah Thomas

Jeremiah’s wish was granted, and on June 17, he shared his heart with the Governor over the phone. He told Gov. Abbott about his family’s work to fight abortion, how the idea of 20 babies being murdered everyday had been sickening, and drove them to action.

Jeremiah appealed to the Governor to treat abortion as murder, to penalize it by law just as any other murder would be in the state of Texas. He explained that this wish was not only his great desire, but also that of many Texans. Jeremiah was elated by the Governor’s response.

“Your wish is…[one of] the Republican party platform positions, and it’s what we’re going to be pursuing this next legislative session – and that’s the outlawing of abortion altogether in the state of Texas. And so your wish is granted.”

Just a few days before Jeremiah’s phone call with the Governor, his condition grew even worse. Chemo therapy and surgery are no longer options to fight off the cancer. But even if Jeremiah does not win his fight with cancer, he is a true hero. He has fought well for the lives of thousands in Texas. His wish to protect the lives of unborn children will not be ignored.

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