Still spes to breath


When I look at where America has fallen from I feel sad. I wonder why good things have to decay. It used to be that America was full of God fearing people, but now all we want to do is erase God from our lives. This country is no longer a country under God, and does not deserve the name America. In Latin spes means hope. Is there any hope, any space to breath?Alot is a stake this election. I agree, but more is at stake when we forget our hope. If we believe that there is no hope to turn America around, then we won’t do anything, and it definitely won’t happen. The hope we have is Jesus Christ. If we want this nation to be under God again, we need to make ourselves under God. If the church will choose to be thankful and not complain, if we will accept our punishment and repent, if the church will return to our God, and obey Him, then the fleshly America will fall, and the true America will be revived.

Something I keep hearing is the older generation saying, “I’m sorry about the America that I’m leaving you.” But when I look at the nation that is left I see a land that God wants to give into our hands if we will trust and obey Him. I see a field ripe for the harvest, and laborers rising up. I see the failed efforts of man, yet God’s prevailing hand.

I know that in God no defeat is final. Although America is full of rebellion against God, God still changes hearts.  America is being judged. The hope for America is if we learn from our judgment and return to God.

Salvation belongs to the LORD. Your blessing is upon Your people. Selah -Psalm 3:8


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