How to play minecraft right


Mine Craft is a video game were the player constructs many different building structures at his own pace and will. Mind Craft can be played on 2 different levels: Creative and Survival. In some ways it is better than most other video games: it lets you make up a story, exercises creativity, and shows kids different geological land types. But it has some problems to. Here are the three main ones:

#1 There is only one size building block, which prevents kids from building more complex structures. #2 It inaccurately portrays reality. #3 Zombies are integrated into survival mode.

minecraft 2 #1 There is only one size building block which prevents kids from building more complex structures. Life here on earth was created by God with many different sizes, shapes, colors, purposes, so that each person can be uniquely different. If you give kids exactly the same thing over and over again they will begin to think that lives are not unique, and that they don’t have a special purpose.

minecraft 4 #2 It inaccurately portrays reality: people don’t drown when underwater, people can fly like a helicopter, trees, buildings and the like can be removes from their foundations and still stand, and everything is square. If your going to tell kids this is what the outside is like then do it accurately. Some people say that “Mind Craft is so exactly like real life”. But it isn’t. Trees don’t stand when you chop them down, people don’t fly, people do drown, and the earth is round, not square.

minecraft 5#3 Zombies are integrated into survival mode. Zombies don’t exist. The idea that people come back half alive is a twisting of what really happens. When someone is not a christian, his soul is dead, and the flesh has total control. And when someone becomes a christian his soul comes to life, and the flesh is put to death. But the flesh tries to come back and make you its slave again; like a “zombie”. And when Jesus brought people back to life, some didn’t want to believe that Jesus did it in God’s power, so they said that he did it in the Devil’s power. That is were the idea of “Zombies” could have come from.

Besides those points, nothing is really wrong with Mind Craft. Just remember to explain that it is not reality.

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