Failure doesn’t make you a failure


If you are human, you have suffered failure. You put a lot of energy into something, and for one reason or another, it never came together. Maybe it did, but then it all fell apart.

When we put all our efforts into something, especially when we thought God told us to, and it doesn’t turn out the way we imagined, we are tempted to think we are a failure.

In our culture, identity is primarily in looks, and what you can accomplish. If you can’t do things, then you are just a failure. So when we fail, we feel like failures. But what is the problem with this thinking?

God says what you are worth, you don’t, and neither do others. What He says is that you are worth the life of His Son. The idea of failure making you a failure is not true.

The theory of Evolution says that we are all accidents, and the only purpose in life is to reproduce, and achieve new discoveries and inventions. The theory of Evolution says there is no God who makes order, and determines worth. So that leaves us to determine our own, and others’ worth. And since the theory of Evolution also promotes ‘survival of the fittest’ those who are deemed worthless are trampled.

Don’t believe the lie that you are a failure because you have failed. God tells us the truth about failure. And your identity is not in what you can do, but what you do with Jesus.

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