Suit up! We are at war!


Boots splash through the water. Rain falls in torrents. Sweat drips from the men’s creased foreheads.

Their muscles tense as they take their positions. Silently, without a move and with hardly a breath, they crouch, waiting. Their uniforms and absolute stillness hide them from the enemy’s notice.

Tethered to their boots is a small metal identification tag. An identical copy dangles from each man’s neck. Inscribed on the tag is a social security number, the full name of the bearer, his birthdate and professed religion.

I too have a tag. Each of my siblings and I were given one at a visit to a local veterans museum. The owner explained as he handed us the small shiny metal tags that every soldier in the American army had two.

Whether they are a cadet or a general, every soldier is required to wear their tag at all times. They are not allowed to take it off, not even for a shower! Without their identity tag, they are considered out of uniform, unable to do their job and worthy of punishment.

My tag is just a replica. My name is not inscribed on it; just the name of the museum.

But what I learned from that tag is what’s really important.

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